Wolverton Station by Joe Hill

Wolverton_stationWolverton Station reads like an episode of Twilight Zone; a lone businessman travelling on a train suddenly begins seeing wolves everywhere. And that’s about all the plot there is in this short story by Joe Hill, but hey, if the writing’s good, that’s enough.

And the writing’s stellar. Hill puts the main character, Saunders, from one unpleasant situation to another with glee, first giving him a glimpse of a fellow first class passenger (a businesswolf!) and then locking him in a train toilet in a feeble attempt to hide from the plebeian wolves in the economy class.

It may all be a dream, or a result of a nervous breakdown; there’s a lot of background on Saunders, a ruthless businessman on a mission to establish a chain of Starbucks-style coffee shops around Britain (mostly by forcing existing shops out). As he’s already living on an eat-or-be-eaten philosophy, it’s not much of a leap for it to become a literal reality for him.

Originally published in an anthology in 2011, Wolverton Station is a fine, fast, fun read; it’s not really much else, nor does need to be.

**** (4/5)

Available now as a Kindle Single from Amazon. Visit the author’s site!


One thought on “Wolverton Station by Joe Hill

  1. Is this the same Joe Hill who wrote “Heart-Shaped Box?” He’s written many more books than I realized. I’m just getting through “Heart-Shaped Box” now. It’s not a bad book. It’s a little rough around the edges, but there are moments where this one really shines! I’ve also heard great things about NOS4A2. Based on my experience with “Heart-Shaped Box” and on all the things I’ve been hearing about NOS4A2, I’ll probably give that one a spin next.


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